Advanced Hip Replacement

Hip replacement is a well established and successful operation. However, one size does not fit all!!!

"The challenge comes when patients between 45 and 50 years of age are to be considered for the operation. Because then every advance in technical detail must be used if there is to be a reasonable chance of 20 or more years of trouble free activity"
Sir John Charnley (Originator of Total Hip Replacement) 1979

Mr Malik will discuss with you the most appropriate options with regards to the right implants for your body and lifestyle.

Components of a modern total hip replacement Components of a modern total hip replacement

In particular, he regularly uses modern hip bearing surfaces such as ceramic and advanced metal alloys that offer the advantages of increased range of motion, greater activity levels and the hope that your new hip will last much longer than the older styles of hip replacement and offer a greater level of function.

Modern uncemented hip replacement Modern uncemented hip replacement

In particular he has great experience in the use of uncemented hip replacements. These implants have special coatings that allow your own bone to grow on to the implant so that it 'integrates' into the body.

Older style hip replacement Older style hip replacement

Proposed Advantages of 'Hard on Hard' Modern Bearings